Notes from a few of our kitten families!


In my quest to find a suitable Maine Coon cat, I spent endless hours on-line and on the phone trying to find a reputable breeder in my area. Then I found Ruff and Tufts Cattery. Nicole answered my questions promptly, and I embarked on a journey to acquire a kitten. She kept me informed during the process, and we arranged a meeting place where I was to pick up my kitten. My male Coon is a delight, and very friendly. As the kittens are raised in a family atmosphere, he was very sociable and took quickly to my household. He passed his first exam with flying colors, and has become an integral part of my home. I highly recommend Ruffs and Tufts if you want a quality Maine Coon.

                                                   ~~The O'Brien Family~~


Never before did I ever think about buying a pedigree animal.  However, after I got Nimbus, her kitty chow, toy and book on Maine Coon cats (that all came with my purchase), I was sold.  Even as a small kitten you could tell she was nurtured and handled so nicely.  She never bit either of my children hard, only in a soft and playful way.  She is very sweet and loving.  Even though we wanted to get her as soon as possible Nicole insisted that it is best for us to wait until she was fully weaned.   The result was a well adapted, playful, sweet kitten whom my children and my husband and I adore.   She is especially sweet with my little girls and let's them cradle her like a baby, and sleeps with them every night.  She is extremely social and loves everyone who visits and is happy to be picked up and pet by anyone.   I think her sweet demeanor is directly related to the care and nurturing she received as a young kitten.  I would recommend Nicole and family to anyone looking for a furry companion!

                                                     ~~The McGreevy Family~~


Dear Nicole, I just wanted to thank you for our handsome Maine Coon kitten, Alvin. He is the most amazing fur child. Not only is he smart but he is a lovebug.  He purrs all the time and loves to cuddle. He follows us everywhere and is never scared or jumpy like most cats. He is so trusting of people, just like a dog in that respect. He was this way almost immediately after he got home and out of the carrier. Everyone  loves him, he will go up to new people and nuzzle their face and purr. He loves being held like a baby and getting belly rubs. He is also very active and loves to play and jump and is so entertaining to watch play, you can't trick him, he is so smart. He comes  when you call him. I just cannot say enough about him, everyone who has met him tells me that if they get a cat, they are getting one from you. Thank you, David and Carol.

                                                      ~~The Kloth Family~~


We are so very happy we found Ruff & Tufts Cattery! Nicole and her family are wonderful caring people! Nicole is a very honorable breeder. She truly loves her kittens and runs a very honest and straightforward business! We love our sister kittens Samantha and Shelby who give us so much joy and we couldn’t imagine our lives without them. Patricia and Donald.

                                                    ~~The Dwy Family~~


Nicole and her husband were very accommodating with me and my adoption of (dipstick) Apollo. They offered delivery and when I decided to fly out and get him, my flight was delayed twice arriving me at the airport and 1:00 am. Nicole's husband was at the airport and then was super accommodating in giving me  a lift to my hotel. I would definitely recommend if you are considering to purchase a kitten with Nicole you will be happy. And feel free to ask her any questions, she is very knowledgeable at about the Maine Coon breed. This is Apollo in the back laying with his son. 

                                                                  ~~The Ives Family~~


This kitten is all the way around the best little bugger we’ve had join the family. He is equally playful and affectionate. A purr machine. You can tell how well taken care of and loved these kittens are before you scoop them up to bring them home. George W is our second kitten from Ruff and Tufts and we have been nothing but happy both times. Highly recommend. 

                                                 ~~The Deschaine Family~~


I found Ruff & Tufts when I was in search of a kitten to add to my family.  I sent an email asking about the kittens.  Nicole responded almost immediately, even though it was late at night.  She was so gracious as to listen to the type of personality I was looking for, understanding the personality of my other 6 year old cat, and sending me a lot of pictures to look at.  She patiently answered all of my questions and was willing to meet me on the day and time of day that worked best for my schedule…a little more than 2.5 hours from her home.  Nicole brought me a box of food, toys, vaccination and vet records, and a book on Maine Coons.  She explained all the paperwork in detail.  Nicole followed up with me a few days later to see how everyone was adjusting.

I found Ruff & Tufts to be friendly, knowledgeable and very accommodating.

                                                               ~~The Duellman Family~~


When I received my boy “Django” I knew this was the right place for me. Very great communication, gorgeous pictures, and updates the whole way to know how my baby was growing. He is now 1 1/2 years old and have heard constantly from friends and family that he is the most well behaved cat they’ve ever seen. He’s a true saint and required almost no training and was the best kitty ever. Doesn’t hurt that  he’s gorgeous!

                                                    ~~The Parent Family~~


I must admit, I am more of a dog person but grew up with cats as well. After not having a cat in my life for twenty years I decided to make an exception - for a Maine Coon. I had read so much about the breed being friendly with people, naturally curious, smart, great with kids - I just had to have one in my life. Little did I realize at the time that they were in such high demand. I was looking specifically for a brown tabby as well and after much research located the Ruff and Tufts Cattery and found my match. We adopted Chief and he has become a fixture in our home. He comes as advertised for the breed - curious, playful, and very attached to my wife. We enjoyed his company so much a couple months later we purchased another Black Smoke kitten from another breeder (Sheriff). Nicole was a pleasure to work with, even meeting me nearby my home to drop off Chief. She was professional, the kitten was obviously well taken care of and used to people and we could not have asked for more. Chief is a fixture in our family now and we can't imagine life without him.

                                                      ~~The Smith Family~~


We chose our Maine Coon kitten from Ruff and Tufts after researching the breed and as a result of the authentic communication, we had with the breeder.  Our kitten is well socialized and healthy as a direct result of the home environment at Ruff and Tufts.  Nicole is a thoughtful and ethical breeder who understands that temperament and bloodlines are an equal consideration when pairing her 'Kings and Queens'.  Her integrity was expressed in her desire to put the health of the kittens first during the adoption process.  We were able to communicate fully to organize the timing and consideration of what was best for our kitten.  The exchange of pertinent paperwork was professionally provided and all my many questions were eagerly answered in a thoughtful and complete manner.  I can highly recommend this breeder and our family looks forward to our next addition from Ruff and Tufts, soon!

                                                         ~~The Bowman Family~~